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Bubz grub Hub

Springfield & Eugene’s Favorite Old School Ice Cream Truck

For nearly a decade, Bubz Grub Hub ice cream truck has been bringing sweets to the streets of Springfield and Eugene.

Since Arthur Carey launched Bubz in 2012, his aim has been to use his old-fashioned ice cream truck to bring smiles to the faces of his friends and neighbors. Today, as our communities face unprecedented challenges, Bubz Grub Hub remains committed to helping make your day a little bit sweeter.

Part of the charm of our old-school ice cream truck lies in our modern conveniences. Bubz Grub Hub gladly accepts credit cards. Our ice cream truck also offers gluten-free, and dairy-free treats.

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Find the Street Treatz in Your Neighborhood Today with Bubz Grub Hub Routes:

Sunday - Coburg and Gilham

Monday - Springfield

Tuesday - Mohawk & Centennial

Wednesday - Hayden Bridge

Thursday -  Centennial Area

Friday - Gateway

Saturday - Ferry Street Bridge

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